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IRES TC Vault Training

IRES® is pleased to announce the official launch of a new computer intranet system named the IRES TC-Vault™ that represents a first for us as a real brokerage. The Intranet, quite simply, is a website that works just like any other website except it is only viewable by our agents, co-op agents, staff and clients. Having a secure computer environment such as this enables us to provide valuable services and share documentation to our clients and co-op agents in a sales transaction al in one online location.

The new IRES-TC Vault™ intranet system with a built in transaction workflow engine, is ready now. Key features of the turnkey intranet include:
Intranet Platform

It all starts with the intranet platform, from documents to links, social posts and more, the intranet allows managers and agents to collaborate on brokerage business like never before. The real power comes from the ability for organizations of any size to interact with their offices at the hyper-local level.

MLS IDX Integration
Optional MLS data integration is available in most areas, and allows for information to simply be pulled directly into the system. This powers not only the transaction management section, but informational pieces like listing search, as well as company and agent websites. View PDF

Transaction Workflows
Going well beyond traditional static transaction management, our predictive workflows let agents and clients know what documents or actions are expected as they progress throughout a transaction. We make the company and agent look like rock stars by eliminating the number one complaint - lack of communication!

Promotional Marketing
Enhanced company flyers, property websites, target mail/email campaigns are included. This eliminates the need for several systems, and therefore, several data entry to points. We can help you manage all aspects of your back office needs in our all-in-one system.