What Would a 6-Figure Income Do for Your Life?

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What Would a 6-Figure Income Do for Your Life?

IRES® Launch its newest Comprehensive Training Program, Conquer250™ for New & Rookie Real Estate Agents (Or Part-Timers Ready to Go Full-Time To Big-Time). This Program Gives You Step-By-Step Tactical Instructions to Create A Profitable & Sustainable Real Estate Business Fast.

Conquer250™— is designed to help our agent master the fundamentals of their business and generate a long term, predictable stream of high-quality leads!

This on-boarding immersion includes multiple sessions led by seasoned sales professionals that cover everything you need to know to get a successful start in your new real estate career, while also introducing you to the technology and marketing tools that IRES® provides you as an extra edge.

In combination with the educational component of the program, agents are expected to meet several requirements, including meeting with your sales manager or broker-in-charge to develop realistic personal production plans and business goals.

You’ll also discover what IRES® can offer you as you begin to conquer your goals and reach new heights.

 About IRES®

Headquartered in Covina, CA, International Real Estate Services is a premier real estate and training company in southern California. Lead by real estate expert and master coach Jesse Hernandez, the company provides a unique and highly-effective environment and training programs, which have helped 100’s of agents improve their business, increase net profit and enhance their quality of life.

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